Master of Business (MBus) (CRICOS Code: 115636H)

2 Years (4 Semesters / Trimesters)


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The Master of Business brings students with a comprehensive understanding of business operations with focuses of specialised areas in Accounting, Administration and Information Systems. It has an emphasis on professional practice, effective communication, and operational efficiency using technical and non-technical approaches. Students will acquire the extensive knowledge and apply them to successfully design, implement and manage solutions in complex real-world business operations, and become confident to proceed to the latest technologies in accounting, administration, and information systems. It helps the graduates with career development and advancement, or entrepreneurship.

This course offers a wide range of specialisations, which allow students to tailor the course to satisfy their particular interests, their industry, or their career goals. Students may choose to gain expertise in one of the three specialisations below:

  • Accounting,
  • Administration,
  • Information Systems



The master degree is designed for not only those who have certain experience in accounting, administration, and Information systems / technology, and been seeking a qualification in the relevant postgraduate studies, but also candidates who already have a sound background in those field and wish to update and develop their knowledge and skills in advanced levels, so as to keep pace with the rapid changes in business and technologies. Students with a Bachelor degree in relevant disciplines or a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma (credit recognised) are eligible to apply for this degree. For students without a Bachelor degree in a relevant discipline, they will need to enrol GCB, or GDB (with the selected units in the related MoB Specification) first. Only upon successful completion of GCB or GDB, they will be eligible to upgrade to MoB.

MoB students with successful completions will be confident in joining the workforce across different industries. Students may also pursue higher degrees like a Masters by Research, or a PhD / Professional Doctor degree after they graduate from this course because EEI’s MoB has built-in research training components across advanced units and the capstone project unit, provided their performances in such units meeting requirements for those courses.



The course structure is based on four semesters (each of 14 weeks’ duration – 12 weeks), with four subjects to be selected in each semester. To qualify for the award of the degree of Master of Business, a candidate:

  • Can choose Master of Business (no specialisation), or Master of Business (Specialisations in Accounting, Administration, or Information Systems)
  • Must complete 14 units (84 credit points), and 1 Capstone Unit (12 credit points), with accrued an aggregate of at least 96 credit points.
  • Must complete 3 fundamental Core Units for any specialisation.
  • Must complete all specialisation units, if wishes to have a specialisation to be shown in the MoB degree;

Note: Any specialisation unit will be the elective unit for students who are not pursuing that specialisation.



Unit Code Unit Name Fundamental

Core Unit

Specialisation Unit Credit points




Information System
BUS401 Research Methods (Quantitative & Qualitative) 6
BUS402 Professional Ethics, CSR, & Corporate Governance 6
ACC401 Accounting Principles 6
MGT401 Managerial Thought and Practice 6
ECO401 Economics for Business 6
LAW401 Business Law 6
MGT402 Marketing Management 6
MGT403 Project Management 6
MGT404 Organisational Behaviour 6
ICT401 Principles of Programming 6
ICT402 Fundamentals of Database Systems 6
ICT403 Business Analytics 6
ICT404 Computer Organization and Data Structures 6
FIN501 Business Finance 6
ACC501 Financial Accounting and Reporting 6
ACC502 Managerial Accounting 6
ACC503 Auditing and Assurance Services 6
LAW501 Taxation Law 6
MGT501 Human Resource Management 6
MGT502 Strategic Management 6
MGT503 Leadership Theories and Practice 6
MGT504 Innovation & Entrepreneurship 6
ICT501 Management Information System 6
ICT502 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Business Decision Support 6
ICT503 Systems Analysis and Design 6
ICT504 Cyber Security 6
ICT505 Cloud Computing 6
ICT506 Web Development 6
BUS501 Integrated Capstone Project (12 Credit Points): different specialisation have different focuses and requirements 12
Total No. Units with Credit Points 3 Units

(18 CPs)

11 Units*
(66 CPs)
12 Units*
(72 CPs)
12 Units*
(72 CPs)
 * The capstone unit is counted as two units with 12 credit points


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