The Elite Education Institute is centrally located across two key locations in Sydney. The campuses are designed to meet the needs of our students. The environments are comfortable, conducive to study, and provide highly functional facilities for the busy student. EEI’s facilities are fully equipped with audio visual projection to enhance the learning experience. Study areas for groups and individuals in addition to the classrooms are available to students for group projects, preparation of assignments, research purposes and many more.



EEI’s Campuses provide lift access, a high level of security through CCTV surveillance, and a Front Desk to assist with student enquiries. The Student Support and Academic Office is open from 10 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday, appointments can be scheduled with our friendly Reception Staff if required. Furthermore, Student Counselling is available to all students, appointments can be made upon request. Please note that adjustments to Office Hours are currently in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic; appointments to meet with EEI staff are now essential. Please contact us over the phone or via email to schedule your appointment.

Contact Details:

Head Office / City Campus 1: Level 6, 8 Quay Street, Haymarket NSW 2000

Phone: +61 2 9211 4958 or +61 2 9211 6620

North Sydney Campus: Level 2, 1 James Place, North Sydney, NSW 2060

Phone: +61 2 9957 5588

E-mail: admission@ee.edu.au, info@ee.edu.au

Web: ee.edu.au


Living in Sydney  – Accommodation Options

Several options are available for students, including rental accommodation, shared accommodation and homestay. Most international students prefer to share rental accommodation to reduce costs. There are a number of websites available to help you find a shared accommodation, such as flatmates.com.au.


Cost of Living

For international students, the Department of Home Affairs have financial obligations you must comply with. The approximate cost of living in Sydney depends on your lifestyle. The Australian government website ‘MoneySmart’ has lots of information and advice about a range of financial issues, including a section specifically for students on how to live on student budget.

The Australian government website ‘Study in Australia’ also estimates general living costs for students. We have listed some categories below to help you plan ahead.

As of October 2019, the approximate 12-month living costs are:

  • For students or guardians – AUD$21,041
  • For partners coming with you – AUD$7,362
  • For a child coming with you – AUD$3,152

You may spend more or less, depending on the course you choose to study, where you choose to live and your lifestyle. The individual figures above are approximate costs for Sydney and exclude tuition fees.


Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Arrangements

Elite Education Institute can arrange OSHC for students. OSHC is a compulsory requirement. The Department of immigration requires that student visa holders must have Overseas Student Health Cover. The OSHC current premiums for a single student is about $600.00 per year at present


Counselling Service

In order to ensure that students are properly supervised both inside and outside college during their study period in Australia, the Institute has arranged staff such as the Registrar for student welfare and student services that are able to advise students on all aspects of student life.

The Registrar and relevant academic management team are available to discuss and support you with any concerns you may have during your studies with us. Feel free to talk to them about your adjustment to student life and any other problems that may be affecting your studies. They will adviser refer you appropriately.

Student welfare / services staff can assist with the following:

  • Personal/cultural problems, for example if you have stressful circumstances or emotional issues which interfere with your studies.
  • If you think you may have chosen the wrong course.
  • Help you with decision making, exploration of interpersonal issues and personal behaviour patterns.
  • Allegations of harassment or discrimination may be discussed.
  • Attendance problems.
  • Administrative problems or complaints.
  • Adjustment to new study life.
  • Guidance on further career pathways and academic progress.

Individual assistance is available for students in need of specialised counseling. External agencies may be able to help:


Good Thinking Clinical Psychology Suite 1, Level 1

1 Clarke Street

Earlwood, NSW 2206

Telephone: 8068 0982


The Forum Amanda Mitchell Counselling

Email:  Amanda@TFAM.com.au

Website: www.TFAM.com.au

Telephone: 0466 905 330


First Aid Services

First Aid Kits and supplies are kept on the premises. The Institute staff respond immediately to requests for first aid assistance.


Information Technology

The Institute’s computer facilities include the latest technology and software, with sufficient terminals to cater for student needs. Students can access the internet from anywhere in the Institute with their laptops via the free WIFI. Every semester, each student is given a generous free data allowance for internet usage.



Elite has two libraries, one at its Quay Street and one at the North Sydney Campus. Libraries have been specifically designed and resourced to support student’s research and study needs. A librarian is available to assist students to locate resources for their courses and study activities. The library contains reference materials relevant to the courses offered by the Institute and includes text books, magazines, journals, reference books and newspapers and business databases. Elite also offers a range of e-library data bases to students including PRO-QUEST Ebook Central.


E-Learning and Student Management Facilities

Elite Education has online learning system – Moodle. This system has been proved to be the best e-learning system for students. Students can access all learning materials, submit assignment, webchat with peers and lecturers. All students at any Elite campus can access Moodle system and at any time anywhere; Elite Education also has Wisenet Student Management System. All Elite students can check their academic progress and result, update their personal information through Wisenet at any time anywhere.


Student Lounge

Our student lounge is more than just a place to stop for lunch. It is a place to meet fellow students, relax, mingle and foster friendships. The environment is stylish, comfortable, practical and inviting. Students can bring their own lunches with reheating facilities available, and a vending machine for that pick-me-up snack to maintain energy levels.


Working in Australia (for International Students)

International students can apply for a student visa with permission to work in Australia after commencement of their course of study. A fee will have to be paid for this visa. Immigration laws allow students to work for a limited number of hours, currently 40 hours per fortnightly during the Institute study time and full-time during breaks. However, work is not always easy to find and under no circumstances can students rely on income earned in Australia to pay tuition fees.
Students are not permitted to work if it interferes with their study.


Orientation Program

An orientation session is conducted before classes begin and is compulsory for all newly arriving international students. The program includes information about student support services, facilities, healthcare, obtaining legal advice; what to do in an emergency and contact details of the Institute staff that can assist. In addition, information is given about the rights and responsibilities of The Institute students including information about complaints, appeals and the legal requirements regarding study and residence in Australia. Orientation also includes guidelines about how to study The Institute courses successfully and an introduction to Australian culture, society and life. In addition to the formal processes described above, students have their first opportunity to meet with fellow students and staff.