Academic Skills Development


Elite Education Institute has a Graduate Attributes, Outcomes and Development Cycle in order to provide an environment of support to its students to develop academic skills:                                                                                                                                                                               

Graduate Attributes
• Communication and Social Skills
• Teamwork and Collaboration
• Self-management and Initiative
• Service Focus and Professionalism


Institutional Learning Outcomes
• Future Oriented
• Enterprise
• Functionally Literate
• Problem Solver
• Life-long Learner
• Critical Thinker
• Planner
• Organiser

Individual Learning Support
Individual consultation is available with lecturers formally during tutorials and informally after lectures or by appointment with the lecturers. Students can also independently develop their academic skills with various electronic support documents available online.
The Institute has a commercial online teaching and learning tool to facilitate consultation between individual students and academic staff. Students are encouraged to use this outside normal class times. The Institute also provides all students with email accounts, and all lecturers are obliged to respond to students for academic consultation.
Elite Education Institute also provides access to a 64 page booklet, “Learning Enhancement Habits”, available electronically for all enrolled students. It has been prepared by Professors Len Webster and Tony Shannon and covers the following topics:

• Reasons for Studying
• How to Study
• Note-taking and Writing
• Understanding and Knowledge
• Guided Discovery Sessions
• Examination Techniques
• Working Memory
• Preparation of Reports
• Plagiarism
• Motivation
• Principles of Adult Learning
• References & Other Readings