Academic Integrity


Elite Education has several policies, procedures and practices which cover various aspects of academic integrity, including the responsibility of students to
a) Submit only work which properly acknowledges the ideas, designs, words or works of others in what is otherwise their own original work;
b) Avoid lending or otherwise providing original work to others for any reason other than where work is provided to another student in the course of collaboration in connection with group work assessment, and subject to any requirements imposed on students in connection with such collaboration;
c) Have a clear understanding of the conditions of assessment, including assessment task requirements, appropriate source acknowledgement practices, and marking criteria;
d) Provide, when requested (and where the item of work has been prepared using electronic means), an electronic copy of any work to academic staff involved in marking the work;
e) Be clear about the acknowledgement practices that are appropriate for their field of study;
f) Be aware of the collective responsibility of proper source acknowledgement within group assignments, and be able to support their claims of authorship in a group assignment; and
g) Encourage other students to uphold the values of academic integrity and discourage other students from plagiarising or carrying out other forms of academic misconduct.

Academic staff also have responsibilities for academic integrity; they need to:
a) Inform all students of acknowledgement practices that are appropriate for their fields of study and provide clear examples of what is acceptable;
b) Clearly explain academic expectations and what constitutes plagiarism or other forms of academic misconduct to students;
c) Set appropriate conditions for group work and make clear the distinction between group work and individual work;
d) Cultivate in students a climate of respect for authorship and for acknowledging the source of ideas;
e) Actively seek to detect plagiarism; and
f) Identify and act whenever plagiarism or other forms of academic misconduct is suspected.