Welcome to Elite Education Institute

Elite Education Institute is a higher education provider which has been continuously striving to meet its objective to become one of the top level education providers in Australia. Elite Education believes that it is its responsibility to provide learners with a comprehensive and professional learning solution. Learners are able to grow within a supportive and happy learning environment, and eventually achieve their individual goals and realise their dreams.

The motto of Elite Education Institute “Cognitio–Sapientiam-Veritas”:

three Latin words represent the 3 stages of knowledge acquisition:

Stage 1: Obtaining knowledge and skills through higher education learning;

Stage 2: Applying knowledge through practice to obtain wisdom in life;

Stage 3: Creating new knowledge by exploring and finding the truth in the world

Elite Education Institute aims  to help students to acquire knowledge as a learner,  as well as provide the foundations for students to become life-long learners who are able to acquire and apply knowledge throughout their lives.  Knowledge acquisition needs patience, self-confidence, and persistence and Elite Education Institute will provide you with on-going support and partner with you in this important journey.

Come on! Join Elite Education Institute! You will harvest personal rewards, gain confidence and obtain the skills and knowledge to allow you to  live a wonderful life!



Elite Education Institute has three locations; Sydney CBD, North Sydney CBD, and Melbourne CBD. The campuses are designed to meet the needs of International students for quality learning experiences and in the preparation of work-ready graduates through Business Degrees in

·       Accounting,

·       Business Management,

·       Communication and Public Relations

which are major components of any successful business.