Our Facilities

Modern Facilities

Elite Education Institute’s premises are centrally located and have been designed with the needs of today’s students in mind. The environment is not only comfortable but most importantly it is conducive to study and highly functional for the busy student.


Information Technology

The Institute’s computer facilities include the latest technology and software, with sufficient terminals to cater for student needs.
Students can access the internet from anywhere in the Institute with their laptops. Every semester, each student is given a generous free data allowance for internet usage.



The library has been specifically  designed and resourced to support student’s research and study needs.  A specialist librarian is available to assist students to locate resources for their courses and study activities.  The library is stocked with reference materials relevant to the courses offered in the Institute and includes text books, magazines, journals, reference books and newspapers and business databases.. We do our best to provide the resources that students require in order to provide  their best performance.


Student Lounge

Our student lounge is more than somewhere to stop and have lunch. It is a place to meet fellow students, relax, mingle and foster friendships. The environment is stylish, comfortable, practical and inviting. Students can bring their own lunches with reheating facilities available and a vending machine for that pick-me-up snack to keep energy levels up.